Join us in building an active nation and people

President Sauli Niinistö has presented Finns with an activity challenge (link to the President’s challenge). The Olympic Committee shares the President’s concern over Finnish people’s ability to function together with other operators, such as Yle, Deloitte, central labour market organisations and the Association of Finnish Municipalities. We invite everyone to join us in building an active Finland.

A lot of excellent work is done in Finland to improve people’s physical, mental and social ability to function, but these efforts are not yet enough. Each year, inactivity and immobility result in expenses in the billions of euros. Inactivity is knocking Finns off their feet. The limit for diminished ability to function has now been crossed.

Caption: The physical condition of the population is diminishing in nearly all age groups.

A crisis that everyone can help solve by standing up from the couch

It is time to make activity and ability to function a point of strength in Finland once again. First and foremost, it is about changing habits and behaviours. Change requires the efforts of every operator in Finland.

An active nation and people invite you along

– Together we are launching the Finland – An Active Nation and People concept to help bring about this behavioural change. We wish to build a phenomenon that involves the entire nation and results in a complete U-turn in people’s activity level and ability to function. Success requires the participation of every organisation, association, company and workplace in the country, says Director of the Olympic Committee Petri Keskitalo in encouragement.

As part of the concept, we will be collecting promises that lead to concrete practical measures to increase movement.

– The Olympic Committee promises to light the spark of exercise in the entire land! With the help of the Suomisport’s Sporttihaku, a search engine for sports, we promise to help everyone find a hobby full of joy and movement. My personal promise is that in the “sitting meetings” I lead people are allowed and encouraged to move about, says Taina Susiluoto, CEO of the Olympic Committee.

The Active Nation and People concept will be launched in the Finnish Sports Gala in January 2024. Once the concept is launched, the promises and deeds are made visible with the Finland – An Active Nation and People symbol that helps individuals and organisations commit to the shared goal. The symbol can be used in one’s own communications, for example. Our goal is to make the symbol and concept as well known as the Key Flag symbol.

Change requires everyone’s contribution. Communities, workplaces and municipal operators now have an excellent opportunity to act as trailblazers. Everyone can find their own way of fostering an active nation and people. You can sign up your organisation to participate in building an active nation and people with this form.