What is this about

A lot of good work is done in Finland to improve people’s physical, mental and social ability to function. However, results have still gotten worse. The limits of diminished ability to function have now been crossed.

It’s not just about sports or exercise but changing habits and practices. Change requires the efforts of all the operators in Finland. We need a way to introduce the topic of ability to function to social discourse alongside climate change and the economy.

Everyone has the right to the ability to function

Losing this ability is a problem for both the individual and society at large.

Ability to function is a goal in and of itself, and movement is the way to reach it. Before people can be activated to move, we must change the way they think. Our task is to bring ability to function into social discourse and make moving around about something more than just exercise. We wish to make all kinds of movement a desirable and appreciated part of people’s everyday lives.

We motivate, inspire, and strive to create joy of success. We have a solution-oriented message. We are talking about everyone’s right to the ability to function.

whit whom can we succeed

We wish to encourage different actors in the society into creating new practices to promote movement and finding new choices for a more active life. We invite you to join us:

  • Wellbeing services counties and municipalities
  • Workplaces and working life operators
  • Sports organizations and others in the third sector
  • Early childhood education, schools and colleges
  • Defence forces
  • Media and influencers

The purpose of joint operation is to make the concept visible, recognizable and attractive. The shared goal is to change people’s values, attitudes and everyday behavior in a direction that promotes ability to function.