Join us: make a promise

Introduction of the concept is a sustainable act for both our nation and our people. By joining up you will be one of the facilitators of the concept through your own example.

As part of the concept we will be collecting promises that lead to concrete, practical measures to increase movement in the different organisations.

  1. Think about what your practical promise would be.
  2. Post your promise on social media using #LupausSuomelle and/or #LöftetillFinland.
  3. Communicate with your staff and make use of the concept’s logo while doing so.

Through the promises we wish to inspire the adding of new tools to society’s toolbox concerning the ability to function.

The concept’s umbrella can fit millions of promises under it. Together we will start a snowball that grows and grows while inspiring actions and communication to improve ability to function.

Inspiration and tips for making moving promises

Promises can be made on a strategic or operational level, and why not on a personal level as well.

  • Making starting easy:
    Open doors, demonstrations and activities open to all
  • Use your muscles to move
    to school, work or hobbies and everyday solutions supporting this (bicycle storage, changing rooms)
  • Movement into the day:
    Active learning, active breaks, walking meetings
  • Environments that encourege movement:
    Spatial solutions, recreational areas, local exercise parks, yards and equipment
  • Setting your own example:
    Workplaces, schools, clubs and associations
  • Cooperation:
    Cross-administrative programmes, criteria that promote exercise and guidance
  • Support:
    Tax breaks, employee benefits, worktime flexibility, guidance and counselling