The world’s most expensive sofa for sale at 4.7 billion

A lot of good work is being done to prevent physical inactivity and break the habit of prolonged sitting. However, the results are declining. At the same time, physical inactivity challenges our well-being, work and functional capacity, and crisis resilience – and ultimately our economy. Physical inactivity and prolonged sitting cost our society over 4.7 billion euros every year. We are in a situation where the costs have risen to the size of the state’s defense budget.

– Preventing the consequences of physical inactivity should be significantly more effective than it is now. We need an awakening at both the societal and individual levels. The World’s Most Expensive Sofa campaign aims to make us all reflect on the seriousness of this crisis. Solving the issue of physical inactivity is primarily about changing habits and routines, emphasizes Jan Vapaavuori, Chairman of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Finnish Olympic Committee’s campaign World’s Most Expensive Sofa is a part of the Finland – an Active Nation and People concept, which aims to bring physical inactivity into social discussion and highlight the good work being done by various organizations to improve the situation.

– Various societal actors need to better find their roles and opportunities in promoting physical activity. The Active Nation and People concept, launched in January, has gathered a diverse group of various actors and increasingly creative promises to increase functional capacity. Over 150 actors are already involved. I encourage every actor to join. We need everyone in this common effort – only together can we change direction, says Petri Keskitalo, Director of Active Lifestyle at the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Finland – an Active Nation and People at Suomi Areena

It is time to bring the issues caused by physical inactivity to the forefront of discussions alongside climate and economy. The Finnish Olympic Committee is initiating discussions at Suomi Areena in collaboration with its partners and MTV3.

Suomi Areena in pori on wednesday, june 26, 2024

10:00–10:45: Who Will Solve the Problem of Physical Inactivity? Part 1

Who is responsible for the problem of physical inactivity and ensuring people’s functional capacity now and in the future? Is it the task of healthcare to take care of the sick, or to ensure people’s health and functional capacity? What is the responsibility of the media – is communicating an active lifestyle interesting enough?

11:00–11:45: Who Will Solve the Problem of Physical Inactivity? Part 2

The mental and physical ill-being caused by physical inactivity also affects the crisis resilience and resilience of the entire population. How can we ensure through political consensus and parliamentary understanding that the issue of physical inactivity does not get forgotten in the offices of the parliament or remain just an election promise?

Explore the rest of the program where sports and physical activity are prominently featured at Suomi Areena.

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